Hotels Near Connemara

Connemara is that wild and beautiful expanse of coastline, bays, rivers, mountains and peatlands extending westwards from just beyond Galway City to the wild Atlantic. It is an area of unique cultural richness where the Irish, or Gaelic, is the everyday language of the people in most places. Connemara is known for its musical richness both in terms of traditional dance tunes as well as epic songs. Many famous writers in a variety of languages have found inspiration for their works in this area.

Connemara National Park

One of the great attractions is Connemara National Park with its nearly three thousand hectares of diverse ancient landscapes and wildlife. There are a number of well-marked trails for exploring the park or alternatively you can spend some time experiencing the landscape by taking a ride on the unique Connemara ponies which are bred in the area. There are also plenty of facilities for children to enjoy.

Visit Clifden

At the western edge of Connemara, you can visit the picturesque village of Clifden which is famous for its annual Arts Festival with its strong resident arts community. While there you can also explore the area where John Alcock and Arthur Brown landed their Vickers Vimy aeroplane in June 1919 completing the first successful trans-Atlantic flight after having left St. Johns, Newfoundland some 72 hours before.

A typical trip through Connemara usually takes in the famed Benedictine Kylemore Abbey with its plush walled garden and buildings as well as renowned local food. After refreshments it is only a short distance to nearby Cong, County Mayo to take in the location of one of the world’s most popular films, The Quiet Man. People might tell you that the name Connemara means ‘inlets of the sea’. The truth is, no one really knows for sure how the name derived. Why don’t you take a trip through it and find your own meaning to this uniquely Irish area.

Getting there

Located just under an hour's drive away, getting to Connemara is pretty simple. From Galway City simply take the N59 to Clifden town and you’ll drive right through the heart of Connemara countryside. There are also regular bus services running from Galway City to Clifden, Connemara.

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