Free Hi-Speed WiFi at Eyre Square Hotel Galway

Avail of free WiFi throughout Eyre Square Hotel in Galway City Centre and stay connected to friends and loved ones or keep up to date with work whilst you are away. Feel free to relax in Merchant Cafe, Bar or Restaurant or from the comfort of your hotel room and access our hi-speed Wifi. Our Wifi is available throughout the hotel so you can stay connected at all times. To access our Wifi you will need to login using an email address.

NB: There is an option to hear more from the hotel or receive information about upcoming special offers when you sign into the wifi. By checking this box you are consenting to receiving marketing communications (eg: email marketing and online advertising) from The Eyre Square Hotel. If you wish to opt out of this at any point in the future, email and you will be removed from any future marketing communications immediately.